SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework
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SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework

The SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework is a new, unifying initiative that aims to deliver fast results at an increased scale. It is part of the UN Secretary-General’s Decade of Action to deliver the SDGs by 2030. Launched in 2020, the Framework, coordinated by UN-Water, is driven by country demand and will unify the international community’s support to countries to achieve SDG 6. Action is driven by five accelerators:

  • Financing. Optimized financing is essential to get resources behind country plans.
  • Data and information. Data and information targets resources and measures progress.
  • Capacity development. A better-skilled workforce improves service levels and increases job creation and retention in the water sector.
  • Innovation. New, smart practices and technologies will improve water and sanitation resources management and service delivery.
  • Governance. Collaboration across boundaries and sectors will make SDG 6 everyone’s business.