Today is World Toilet Day!

When nature calls…

…we need a toilet. But billions of people don’t have one.

This means human faeces, on a massive scale, is not being captured or treated – contaminating the water and soil that sustain human life.

We are turning our environment into an open sewer.

We must build toilets and sanitation systems that work in harmony with ecosystems.

World Toilet Day is about nature-based solutions to our sanitation needs.

When nature calls we have to listen and act.

What is World Toilet Day?


World Toilet Day, celebrated on 19th November, is about taking action to ensure that everyone has a safe toilet by 2030. This is part of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: sanitation and water.

When nature calls, take action!

Wherever you are, and whatever you do on November 19th, make it all about toilets.

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Hold an event

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Here’s a selection of stories about how nature can provide solutions to many of our sanitation needs.

Mobilising constructed wetlands for resource recovery

With 80% of wastewater being released untreated into the environment and 892 million people still practising open defecation, our communities and environment are at risk. While municipal treatment plants are an established, effective solution to waste management, they...

A wave of change

"One of my teachers told us about health, hygiene and the importance of having toilets at home. His words left a lasting impression on my mind. I realised that we can use toilets, wherever we want." Lavanya, inspired by her teacher’s lecture on hygiene and sanitation,...

World Toilet Day Q&A on sanitation and health

The world is not on track to reach Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6: to ensure availability and sustainable management of sanitation and water for all by 2030. In fact, 4.5 billion people live without safely managed sanitation and 892 million people still practise...

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