Business solutions for SDG6 in the Sanitation Economy

To mark World Toilet Day, the Toilet Board Coalition, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), SDG Lab and UN Water are convening a discussion on the role of the private sector in the transformation to sustainable sanitation models. The sustainable management of water and sanitation underpins wider efforts to end poverty and advance sustainable development. Unfortunately, not enough is being done to create the necessary change, and, earlier this year, the UN declared, “the world is not on track” to reach Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6) on Water and Sanitation by the deadline set for 2030 without concerted effort and investment. The private sector must play a greater role in surmounting this challenge (UN-Water, 2018). Transforming to sustainable sanitation includes vast opportunities for private sector innovation, new technologies, new sources of water, energy nutrients, and information about human health and behaviour that will attract commercial investment and contribute to sustainable economic growth. Leading companies are already committing to bold actions for sanitation, and in doing so are increasing the evidence base for new solutions to be delivered through the market in a transformative Economy. The private sector, working together with the government and other partners such as civil society, can unlock new opportunities for investment, innovation, and solutions that support our joint vision to achieve SDG 6. This dialogue has been organized with the aim of aligning business opportunities with global and national sanitation priorities, efforts and goals. The format will include a presentation of UN Water’s synthesis report on access to water and sanitation, followed by presentations from business associations sharing current business solutions for SDG6 and a dialogue between global governments and businesses on the enabling environments for the scale up of private sector engagement on SDG6. Organisations active on the SDG6 agenda that have been invited to speak at the event include: World Economic Forum 4th Industrial Revolution Water Community, World Business Council for Sustainable Development Water Leadership Group, United Nations Global Compact CEO Water Mandate WASH4WORK Programme, International Water Association.  


Location: Geneva, Palais des Nations, Building C, Room Concordia 5
Date: 19th November 2018–
Organisation: Toilet Board Coalition, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), SDG Lab, UN-Water

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