Privacy notice

We believe it is important for everyone to understand how websites and other online services can have an impact on their privacy.

UNited Nations Privacy Notice

We adhere to the UN’s standard privacy notice, which you can read here.

Data we collect

As you browse this website, it will collect anonymised data on which pages you visit, how long you spend on a page, which links you select, your location (in broad terms) and how you found us. It will also allow us to see some information about your computer such as your operating system, browser and screen resolution. We use Google Analytics to collect this information. If you’re logged into a Google Service such as Gmail or Google Docs, we might also have access to some demographic information such as your age and gender. You can read how Google uses this data.

Where we have options on a page to share content on social media networks, information will be sent to those networks and as these may be connected to your own social media profile they will receive data about your use of our site. Facebook¬†and Twitter both have extensive data policies, and we urge you to read them. We’ll know when you ‘like’ or ‘share’ a story or event through our use of those networks.

If we ask for your email address for a specific campaign and marketing purposes, we’ll notify you precisely how that information will be used, and how you can remove yourself from our lists.

How we use data

By understanding how you use the website, we can direct our communications efforts to give you more effective and efficient information. We do not buy or sell user data, but may share anonymous analytics with other UN agencies and our partners to help improve our efforts to coordinate communications.

How long we keep data

As we’re using Google’s free analytics service, we adhere to their policy on this, but essentially we will have access to this anonymous user data while the service remains in operation.
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