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There are nowhere near enough safe toilets in the world. Worldwide today, 4.5 billion people – that’s 500 times the number of Tokyo residents – live without safely managed sanitation. And, 892 million people – 42 times the population of Lagos – go to the toilet in the open.

This set of social media cards highlights a range of different issues, encouraging your followers to think about World Toilet Day in a new way.

Download the whole set below, or click through for individual images and suggested tweets.

More phones...

The world is better at communication than sanitation. Did you realise there are nowhere near enough safe toilets for everyone…while there are more mobile phones than people?
What do people do in your community #WhenNatureCalls?

Reading on the toilet

Reading this on your phone while on the toilet? Lucky you.
Billions live without a safe toilet. This is a crisis that’s turning our environment into an open sewer. Nature is calling – find out what it’s telling us. #WorldToiletDay

Wrong type of recyling

80% of all the world’s wastewater flows back into the environment without being treated or reused. Nature is calling, but are we really listening?
Take a moment to explore these sanitation solutions. #WorldToiletDay

Schools and loos

One fifth of schools worldwide have no toilet facilities at all – a big problem for girls during menstruation.
Would you go to school if there weren’t any functioning toilets? What would you do #WhenNatureCalls? Share your thoughts this #WorldToiletDay.

Take care of your hands

Washed your hands today?
900 million schoolchildren have nowhere to wash their hands to stop the spread of deadly diseases. What does the situation look like in your community? Share your stories with us this #WorldToiletDay.

Missed opportunities

Missed opportunity. Period.
During menstruation, women and girls often stay home, or quit altogether, when there are no safe toilets and private hygiene facilities at work or school. #WorldToiletDay

No place to go

Today, on #WorldToiletDay, risking abuse and attack, 445 million women and girls will have no choice but to go to the toilet in the open.

The rights stuff

Stations, prisons, workplaces… access to a toilet is your human right no matter where you are.
If we want to ensure everyone has sanitation by 2030, we need to ensure the service is provided everywhere. #WorldToiletDay

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