Are You On the Toilet List ?
Are you on the toilet list? How does Ghana move from the 15% sanitation coverage to achieve the global target in 2030 because  ‘Excretion’ is part of the seven(7) life processes that all living organisms perform. What we cannot  measure we cannot accounted for. Tema is the industrial as well as the and habour City of Ghana and Team is the Centre of the World. Tema Metropolitan Assembly  won the 2017 UNICEF District Sanitation League table.  As the world brace itself for the interactive world toilet day quiz, join WSCM stock taking in looking at how many new toilets have been added to the already existing ones in Ghana right from our homes ,schools,churches etc in the districts. There are two broad ways of accessing toilets  in Ghana; 1,private and 2, public toilets .The public toilet are either paid for or those not paid for found in institutions. How are the basic standard conditions of the toilets from 1. Private homes, 2. Institutions(School or banks)  and 3.Paid toilets in the (community or markets) met.  (A) The hygienic standards; Do they have toilet roll, hand washing facilities with soap,where is the final disposal site, is the one cleaning paid well and who takes the revenue. (B) Those who do not have toilet facilities is there any alternative to get one (C) Is there any other medium of exchange  to access the paid toilets (D) Is there any incentive for communities turning the defecation ground along the coast  into a resort (E) Any sanitation technology with (SITE) to promote with technology transfer with government paying for its intellectual property for access in making Ghana the cleanest country in Africa for April 2017 Jamestown declaration? When the list below take personal responsibility for our gastrocolic reflex cycle, will begin our raising the next generation of environmentalists. 1.Armed Forces & security Services, 2.Civil & Public Service,3.Faith Based Organizations, 4.National House of Chiefs, 5.Government(Executive,Legislature & Judiciary), 6.Extractive Industry (edible & non-edible),7.Manufacturing Sector,8.Food, 9.Market, 10.Institutions, 11.Health, 12.Banking, 13.Media, 14.Schools, 15.Construction Sector, 16.Arts, 17.Sports,18.Foreign Mission. Sanitation has good benefits but lacks glamour .Its it time to imitate nature as nature places an an amusement park side by side and waste disposal facility and they all work together in harmony to perfection. We ignore it and expect the rest to work ; movement, respiration, growth, reproduction, excretion and nutrition and irritability when even space it has it had to be carried along with mankind’s  the first step on the moon. Are you on the toilet list? Let the media decipher as we go the public way and not the policy direction in our shelves.  3rd of November to 19 December will tell as Tema serves us  what is and was  for greater Accra on 19th November 2019.  
Event info
Start date: November 3, 2019
End date: December 19, 2019
Organization: WSCM