Leaving no one behind – Access to Toilets – Access to Healthy life
Byrraju Foundation (BRF), a Not Profit Organization (NPO) working in three districts of Andhra Pradesh, India is planning to screen Videos, play jingles and PPTs on the importance of Sanitation, the importance of drinking water and the sources of Contamination, in the 30 IT Enabled, state of the art Village Service Centers spread across West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The targeted audience would be mostly women, men, children/students drawn from all sections of the community. PPT shows will be screened in the Service Centers to create awareness among communities to have access to Toilets. The main motto being Access to Toilets and Access to Healthy life Designed the PPT taking the template from the resources provided by worldtoiletday.info and incorporated the real toilet users of the community. The formal inauguration of the event will take place at each of the village centers by a Gram Vikasa Samithi member – a dignitary drawn from the Community, facilitated by Villae Cluster Coordinator and the content (Videos / PPTs) will be played by the Village Center Officer in respective Villages.
Event info
Start date: November 19, 2019
End date: November 19, 2019