Simple Humus Toilet
Celebrating 30 years of living with the wonderfully simple concept of the SIMPLE HUMUS TOILET ! This down to earth concept of dealing with the human waste was used and promoted by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It followed the many attempts to find a practical, simple and sustainable solution for dealing with this issue. The aim for Hundertwasser was to develop and use a environmentally sustainable toilet system which is suitable for an individual or small family groups. I have used the Simple Humus Toilet now for 30 years myself and found it inspirational, practical and a wonderful way ‘to make peace with nature’. It is particularly suited for areas with water issues or where water is scarce. It is a practical solution in rural settings, where conventional toilet systems are not available and in disaster areas, where people can not rely on emergency toilet systems. I wanted to share my own experience and have created the above you tube web site.  I am getting a lot of response and feedback and hope the concept of this simple Humus Toilet, which uses just ordinary soil or humus, can offer help to people all over the world seeking practical solutions. The classic ‘long drop’ is an affront against ‘Mother Nature’. To dig a deep, anaerobic hole in the ground and to fill it up with excrement, is a smelly affair and environmental crime. The conventional ‘flush toilet’ most people use, wastes precious water and confronts communities with an expensive problem of how to deal with huge amounts of human waste. The ‘Simple Humus Toilet’ offers a solution to a daily issue for all of us, in which everybody can redevelop a closer relationship to nature. arohanui   Thomas
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Start date: November 30, 2019
End date: December 30, 2019