Thailand’s Campaign on World Toilet Day 2019 “Safe Toilets for All”
Thailand’s Campaign on World Toilet Day 2019 “Safe Toilets for All”   Thailand has achieved near universal access to safe sanitation in 1999. The current sanitary latrine coverage in the country is 99.8 %. Of the 0.2 % household without sanitary latrines live in the remote highland rural areas. Promotion of Sanitation in Thailand dates back to more than 100 years ago which had been driven by Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health. From the past to present, the social contexts and lifestyle of Thai people has been changed. Modernization and urbanization has been increasing and resulting more mobilization and living outside of people. Therefore, the Public toilet is necessary. The promotion of “Happy Public Toilet” which aims to improve the public toilets to meet “HAS: Health – Accessibility – Safety Standard” has been launched and implemented since 2006. In line with the Sustainable Development Goal, Target 6.2, and 20 Years National Strategy, Department of Health in collaboration with relevant organizations are developing the “Master Plan for Safe Sanitation Management of Thailand B.E. 2562–2573” (2019–2030). The plan will focus on 1) increase of sanitary household toilets for vulnerable group of people, 2) increase of hygienic public toilet, particular school toilets, and 3) increase of safely human waste management system. This plan will contribute to the promotion of good health and protection of communicable diseases for all, as well as supporting healthy environment and ecosystem. The World Toilet Day 2019 in Thailand will be campaigned nationwide during 19-30 November 2019 in line with the theme “Safe Toilets for All”. The national event was helding on 19 November at Government House of Thailand, Bangkok. This campaign is aim at raising awareness and increasing participation of people and relevant organizations in taking action on comprehensive and safe management of household toilet, public toilet, and human waste management. By focusing on promoting the construction of safe toilets which have facilities for the disabled, children, elderly people and pregnant women group as well as not located out of sight point, separated by male and female, sufficient lighting, including able to help immediately in the emergency situation in the toilet.
Event info
Start date: November 19, 2019
End date: November 30, 2019
Organization: Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health