Toilet Book
Opening on Tuesday the 19th of November 2019 – 18:00h The exhibition will last until Monday the 2nd of December 2019 according to scheduled times Centrale dell’Acqua, Piazza Diocleziano 5, Milano The Cultural Association Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte and MAF – Museo Acqua Franca present the exhibition “Toilet Book”, organized for the World Toilet Day which occurs in November 19. It’s an official United Nation International observance day, established in 2013 in order to inspire action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. One in three doesn’t have adequate sanitation which obstructs a secure waste disposal, doesn’t have proper hygiene, nor clean water, causing an increment of the transmission of diseases, and subsequently the death of 280 thousand people every year. It’s a fight against poverty and undernourishment, but it’s also a war on pollution since non treated wastewaters are released into rivers, lakes and oceans. Toilets are a human right; an economic and productive investment: they can limit social spending and increase education; improve the quality of life and are fundamental for a good health. For its exhibition Arte da mangiare chose to represent books, toilet books, as they’re an essential element. It’s a symbol for the comfort and intimacy we find in bathrooms. The Instagram account in_cesso_veritas will simultaneously project pictures of toilets found around the world by his IG audience. Artists: Caterina Borruso, Silvia Capiluppi, Carmine Caputo di Roccanova, Margherita Cavallo, DaDiL, Li Ding, Nazanin Farahbod, Fernanda Fedi, Gretel Fehr, Fabio Fondacci, Elmar Giacummo, Vito Giacummo, Francesco Lasalandra, Elisa Mivar Marchesani, Edy Persichelli, Antonella Prota-Giurleo, Roberto Ramirez, Claudia Rios, Etta Rossi, Serena Rossi, Studio Pace10, topylabrys, Micaela Tornaghi, Yuko Tsukamoto, Franco Vertovez. Conceived and created by Ornella Piluso (topylabrys), the Artistic Director of Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte. Curated by Monica Scardecchia. For further information: [email protected] Tel. 02 39843575 – Cell 00 39 340 3406871
Event info
Start date: November 19, 2019
End date: December 2, 2019
Organization: Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte and MAF Museo Acqua Franca