Urine diversion and human nutrient valorisation : A pilot installation in Paris region
OCAPI research & action program was launched in 2014 in France. It aims at studying the contemporary mutations of urban nutrient flows, and more specifically, the management of urban nutrient excretion. One century after the generalization of sewer systems, OCAPI is one of the first French academic research programs that opens the debate about management options for human urine and feces in the city, and proposes to explore the potential of urine diversion. For the World toilet day, we propose a series of guided visits of our pilot device AZURIS for urine diversion and human nutrient valorisation. The public will have a chance to :
  • understand urban nutrient flows at the scale of a university campus,
  • discover different urine diversion toilets,
  • explore the socio-technical constraints associated with urine valorisation in agriculture,
  • learn about the bread “Boucle d’or” (Golden loop) , made of local weat, grown thanks to a human urine-based fertilizer !
Visits : 19/11  (ENPC students) 27/11  (Champ-sur-Marne’s highschool students) 28/11 (for the participants of the Future Days conference) 29/11 (for ENPC staff) You are welcome to join one of these visits. To contact us : [email protected]
Event info
Start date: November 19, 2019
End date: November 29, 2019
Organization: OCAPI research program (LEESU / ENPC)