Who We Are
The basic aim of this event is to diminish disinterest of wealthy & mighty people of society in participation of arrangements of toilets and other essential needs for poor people of society. Actually our organization named “Svyam Bane Gopal” is an endeavour to reform the society and disseminate the pious moral and ethical values for the good of human beings. The way “Shri Gopal” devoted His whole life to exterminate the sufferings of the agonized world, we, the humble volunteers, following His footprints of serving everyone and working for everyone’s good, endeavour to be as much helpful as possible to imbue the soothing colors of peace and placidity in a crestfallen, dejected society, inflicted with depravities. Why our NGO name is “Svyam Bane Gopal” because in Hindi language the meaning of “Svyam Bane Gopal” is- “Make Yourself Gopal”. Actually Lord Gopal was the greatest philanthropist on earth (in ancient most era) who served countless no of poor people in his life. So our volunteers try to convince, inspire & motivate people in such a way that most of the time, people become eager to serve society in all appropriate way and also people try their best to make themselves to be free from all such those bad habits & weaknesses which usually remain reasons behind their problems. Details about our organization (Named- “Svyam Bane Gopal”) and its several philanthropic functions are as follows- “Svyam Bane Gopal” is an N.G.O. (Non Governmental Organization) registered with Indian Government, primarily located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. The organizational profile of “Svyam Bane Gopal” has been accepted in United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (ESA) Civil Society System. For knowing more details about “Svyam Bane Gopal” organization, please visit the articles of our website (www.svyambanegopal.com) which has the readership from 4601 cities of 174 countries of the world and has more than 2,75,000 followers on Facebook. Our website has more than 1000 articles based on different essential aspects of human life. Presently most of the articles of our website are published in Hindi Language and few of the articles are published in English Language but in future we are going to publishing all articles in English as well as French & Spanish language too. Information mentioned in our articles are very authentic that’s why many higher authorities give references of our website, like- “Svyam Bane Gopal” is one of the Yoga organization (including some other world famous Yoga endeavours like- “Art of living” of “Shri Shri Ravi Shankar”, “Illustrated Light on Yoga” of “Shri B.K. S. Iyengar”, “Isha Yoga” of “Shri Jaggi Vasudev”) which contributed for the Yoga related content in the book “Yoga Shiksha” published by Himanchal Pradesh State Government (of India) in 2016 (For details, please see- https://rmsahimachal.nic.in/Docs/Final%20Yoga%20Module%2021-11-2016.pdf). The President of “Svyam Bane Gopal” (Mr. Parimal Parashar) is Stakeholder in the globally renowned organization IPBES (The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services; Which is very prominent venture of United Nations; For details please see- https://www.ipbes.net/users/parimal-parashar). The President of “Svyam Bane Gopal” (Mr. Parimal Parashar) is also Member of LEDS GP (Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership; http://ledsgp.org) and its Regional Platforms. LEDS GP is a Global Partnership which has Members like- US Department of State, UK Ministry of Environment, Australia Department of Climate Change, UN Development Programme, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection, World Bank, Colombia Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Norwegian Ministry of Environment, African Development Bank, UN Environment Programme etc. Our water conservation related works are also listed in website of “Water Action Hub” which is a venture of United Nations Global Compact (CEO Water Mandate). For watching our project in “Water Action Hub” please click on this link- https://wateractionhub.org/organizations/741/d/svyam-bane-gopal/. “UNESCO” (www.unesco.org) has published our “Global Media and Information Literacy Week” related event named “Make Yourself Gopal” on its website. Our this event was one of those around 200 world level events which got the privilege to be published on world famous website of “UNESCO”, which can be viewed by clicking this link- https://en.unesco.org/commemorations/globalmilweek/2019/aroundtheworld Another United Nations’s organization named “U N HABITAT” (https://new.unhabitat.org/) has published our event named “Who We Are” related to “World Cities Day” on its website. This again was one of those around 50 world level events which secured a place on world famous website of “U N HABITAT”, this can be viewed by clicking this link- https://urbanoctober.unhabitat.org/event/who-we-are The President of “Svyam Bane Gopal” (Mr. Parimal Parashar) is Consultant in “Asian Development Bank” (www.adb.org) and our organization “Svyam Bane Gopal” is also a Consulting Firm in “Asian Development Bank”. This Bank is working since last 60 years and Governments of 68 countries (including India) are associated with this Bank as a Member. This Bank had a total transaction volume of more than 35 Billion US Dollars (2 Lakhs Crores Indian Rupees) in last year (2018). “Svyam Bane Gopal” group is a proud associate of “United Nations Global Compact” in its world level movement of Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Labour Rights and Environmental Conservation. For details please see- https://www.unglobalcompact.org/participation/report/cop/create-and-submit/detail/432537 Along with “Svyam Bane Gopal”, 340 other International organizations of India are associated with the above mentioned movement of “United Nations Global Compact”. Some of these companies are- Infosys Ltd, Adani Power Ltd, HCL Technologies Ltd., Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, YES BANK Ltd, PVR Ltd, Wipro Ltd, Vedanta Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, Steel Authority of India Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd., Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited – BHEL, NTPC Ltd, HELPAGE INDIA, Dabur India Limited, SAP India Pvt Ltd, HAVELLS INDIA LIMITED, Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd etc. “Svyam Bane Gopal” is also privileged to use the logo of “United Nations Global Compact” in every articles of “Svyam Bane Gopal” website. The President of “Svyam Bane Gopal” (Mr. Parimal Parashar) is also member of CIVICUS (www.civicus.org) alliance which is a (25 years old) worldwide community of informed, inspiring and committed individuals and organisations engaged in tackling the challenges facing humanity. For our one of the environmental project (named “Save Our Planet”), President of “Svyam Bane Gopal”, has been awarded as “World Environment Day Hero” (of 2019) by United Nations Environment. Our this project is listed in United Nations environmental work related website- www.worldenvironmentday.global. The President of “Svyam Bane Gopal” has been registered to attend many countries based United Nations’ conferences and meetings. Our works are not only appreciated by various departments of United Nations agencies, but also by various other world level organizations, like- Information and External Relations Division of “World Trade Organizations” (www.wto.org), Human Recourse Department of “The B Team” (www.bteam.org),  Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Team of “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change” (www.unfccc.int), World Wildlife Fund (www.worldwildlife.org), Civil Society Team of “Food And Agriculture Organization Of United Nations (www.fao.org), United Nations Human Security Unit (www.un.org). Ethics and Compliance Office of “United Nations Office for Project Services” (www.unops.org), “United Nations Global Compact” (www.unglobalcompact.org), “United Nations Environment” (www.worldenvironmentday.global), UN-Water Technical Advisory Unit (www.unwater.org), “UN Foundation” (https://unfoundation.org/),  etc. (for knowing details, please read articles of our website). Thanks & Regards, “Svyam Bane Gopal” Organization SCNP Building, Arjunganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, Contact Mail– [email protected] Website- www.svyambanegopal.com facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/Svyam-Bane-Gopal-580427808717105/ twitter- https://twitter.com/svyambanegopal    
Event info
Start date: November 19, 2019
End date: November 21, 2019
Organization: Svyam Bane Gopal