About our players

Derartu lives in a remote village in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the village, there is only one toilet, so most people relieve themselves in the bushes and fields.

Maria lives in suburban Latin America. Everybody in the neighbourhood has a toilet to use. Like many people, Maria has a toilet in her house but it is not properly connected to a functioning sewer. 

Wang Wei lives in a small house in a mega city in Eastern Asia. All around him, poor neighbourhoods are being replaced with newly-built houses for an emerging middle class.

Amira lives in a refugee camp in the Middle East where there are only communal toilets which are not connected to a waste disposal service.

Nick lives in small town North America. Whenever he is at home, at school or out in the town, he has easy access to a hygienic, private toilet that safely disposes of his waste.

And you

Thank you for taking part in the Toilet Privilege Race. Now challenge your friends to discover their ‘toilet privilege’ compared to people around the world.

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