Create origami hummingbird nests for World Toilet Day!
Animation of hummingbird in front of toilet

Create origami hummingbird nests for World Toilet Day!

Back in March, for World Water Day, we asked people around the world to create origami hummingbirds with commitments to action written inside. Thousands of people took part, helping to create enormous flocks of beautiful, colourful paper birds to raise awareness of the water and sanitation crisis.

The hummingbird is the symbol of World Toilet Day and World Water Day because of the ancient story of the hummingbird where she does what she can in the face of a great fire – carrying droplets of water in her beak. She is the epitome of personal action.

For World Toilet Day, we would love for you to create paper nests for the hummingbirds. Why? Because hummingbirds instinctively keep their nests free from bodily waste to protect their young, so the nests will be a perfect symbol of how we can all do something – however small – to improve sanitation and protect each other.